This was an idea for a t-shirt design I created for In my sketch I just did a quick drawing to get the idea on paper, sometimes I'll just do a rough sketch without using any reference material. 



Original Sketch

Original Sketch

As you can see the Mohawk looks too big, which is why I put a line through the centre because I was working from memory and wasn't sure how it originally looked on MR.T.


The next phase of the design was to trace my drawing in illustrator. I scanned the the original sketch and then placed it in Adobe Illustrator so I could use the pencil tool to draw around the initial sketch. Sometimes I'll use different tools to create an illustration like pen tool and the shapes but for this I mainly used the Pencil Tool. For the teeth and eyes I used the Ellipse Tool changing the shapes to get the desired effect.  



Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.21.21.png

In this image the beard has been added to the illustration, this when I started to use reference material to get the hair correct. To give the hair some texture I used a brush (charcoal stick) from a package called Pencil Illustrator Kit downloaded from  



Here I reduced the eye of T.Rex and chose a darker background to compliment the other colours. I've also  added more detail to the chains around the neck and cropped them using a Opacity Mask in Transparency.



This image shows I've reduced the size of the hair to fit with the actual style of MR T and changed the beard, also reducing the stroke size making the texture more subtle. The earring was added at this stage too something I nearly forget about, created using Ellipse Tool, Stroke and Path Eraser Tool.

Final part of the process I did some small last minute changes to the face raising the bridge of the snout and adding a little depth using Ellipse Tool and Transparency to create a subtle shadow.